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Our club meets:                Every Thursday at 7:00 A.M.

Where:                               Elmer’s Restaurant
10001 NE Sandy Blvd

                                                                           Portland, Oregon 97230        

Meeting Speakers:

March 24th – TBA

March 31st - Offsite meeting at Mt. Hood Community College Maywood Park Campus at NE 102nd and
                 Prescott. Terry Kneisler and Mike Naughton - Our club's future: the good, not so good, and other.

April 7th -  Bridget Bayer with BAM (Business Assoc Management) - Street Fairs for Community and Profit

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                               We invite YOU to come to one of our meetings to meet our members
                                                and see for yourself just what Rotary is all about.


April 23rd – District Training Assembly at West Linn High School

April 30th – 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade - End Sex Trafficking Float

May 9th-June 8th - More Than a Survivor Photo Exhibit at various locations (Volunteer opportunities available,
                     ask Rosy Vu)

May 20th-22nd – District Conference at the Hilton Convention Center, Vancouver, WA

May 23rd-27th – End Sex Trafficking Soap Deliveries

May 28th  *** Central East Portland Rotary Casino Night and Oral Auction ***

Recent Happenings:

2015 MDA Carnival a wonderful success

Once again we are amazed at how resilient these beautiful children are. A truly humbling event! The children had a great time as did the Rotary volunteers who ran the games.

2015 - MDA Camp - Rotary - 2

This player is scoping out which game to play next!

2015 - MDA Camp - Rotary - 1

Club President Ron hands out prize tickets to one of the players.

2015 - MDA Camp - Rotary - 3
2015 - MDA Camp - Rotary - 4

Lots and lots of prizes!

Our Christmas Holiday Happening

We enjoyed our Holiday Wine Raffle, had great fellowship and once again club members were treated to the wonderful holiday melodies from the Parkrose High School Choir Ensemble.

What could be better?


Rotary - Choir - Christmas 2014

Rotarians at work for our 8th annual holiday food basket drive

Rotary - Food Basket Pic - 2014

Club members Larry, Glenn and Sean preparing food baskets for delivery.

Special thanks to the scores of club members who donated food, assembled the baskets and then delivered them to 60 families of Ron Russell Middle School and Serendipity School.

It was a team effort, and a wonderful success!


A Sad Farewell and a Hearty Welcome

Rotary - Patti & Royal

A sad goodbye to Patti and Royal as they move to the Spokane area but we send them off with our new Rotary shirts and wish them well.

Also pictured is President Elect Ron. (right)

Central East Portland Rotary welcomes new member Isa pictured with her sponsor Terry.

Rotary - Isa & Terry

Club joins efforts to end human trafficking

As part of the efforts to end human trafficking, our club along with the other East Portland clubs walked from the Art Museum to Pioneer Courthouse Square, City Fair and back to the Art Museum. Marchers wore orange T-shirts carrying the End Human Trafficking message.  Observers were provided resource information if they wanted to learn more or volunteer in efforts related to Human Trafficking. Next year there is serious talk about joining in the Starlight Parade or be a District 5100 entry in the Rose Parade. About 50 walkers showed up having only short notice to participate. The next walk should be much lager.
                      Stay tuned.

Rotary - EHT - 5
Rotary - EHT - 4
Rotary - EHT - 2

Here are some achievements we can be proud of

Over the past several years, our club has contributed over $60,000 to the Paul Harris Fellows program, to recognize many club members, and honor spouses, friends, and supporters of Central East Rotary Club.    

Our current members have contributed over $35,000 over the past several years, in the name of our club members.  During the week of 18-24 October 2010, our club members contributed over $3,500, and received credit for $7,000. October was a great month to be a Central East Portland Rotary Club Member